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Considering farms for sale in Grey Bruce?  The Grey Bruce Farming region includes two counties in Southwestern Ontario: Grey County and Bruce County. It spans an area that is 8,600 km2 and reaches both Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. According to Grey-Bruce's State of the Environment Report of 2014, roughly half of the total land area in both counties is farmland. Despite this, the number of farms and their size has decreased over the last two decades. Still, farming revenue has increased in the region, indicating that the farms are becoming more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Due to its proximity to the GTA, a large labour force is available for Grey Bruce Farming from neighbouring counties, districts, and regions. The natural landscape is an asset to farmers who have easy access to freshwater in rivers, wetlands, watersheds, and Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. There are also many supports to facilitate more direct-to-consumer options for farmers throughout the region. With endless opportunities, you'll find a beautiful piece of land to call home and prosper in the Grey Bruce region!  

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Local Resources in Grey Bruce

Farmers Markets

An essential aspect of farming in the Grey Bruce region is the ability to showcase and sell your farm's produce and products, whether online or in person. 

Online Farmers Markets

Eat Local Grey Bruce is working to simplify the connection between producer and customer by facilitating an online farmers' market. They offer an online shop, home delivery, and local pick-up points throughout both counties. They currently offer over 500 products and are constantly expanding their offering. The online platform is a great distribution option to connect farmers directly with consumers looking to support local, as well as a great co-op to collaborate with other businesses.

Year Round Farmer’s Markets

-   Owen Sound Farmer’s Market in Owen Sound


Seasonal Farmer’s Markets

-   Flesherton and District Farmer’s Market in Flesherton

-   Meaford Farmer’s Market in Meaford

-   Sauble Beach Vendor’s Market in Sauble Beach

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

Veterinary clinics and hospitals are available throughout the Grey Bruce region. With newer and established specialists in small and large animals, you'll be in good hands in a time of need! There are many family-owned practices. 

See below for a list of the larger veterinary clinics and hospitals in the Grey Bruce area:

-   Grey Bruce Pet Hospital, Owen Sound

-   Owen Sound Veterinary Clinic, Owen Sound

-   Walkerton & Hanover Veterinary Hospital, Hanover

-   Markdale Veterinary Services, Markdale

Agriculture Supply Shops

If you own a hobby farm or a commercial farm, you're going to need some equipment.  Whether you're looking for a small local shop or a sizeable familiar chain, there's a large variety of support for your farm. Grey Bruce has a wide variety of supply shops throughout the region. You can find feed, tools, and farm equipment at any of the supply and feed stores below:

-   Huron Tractor, Chatsworth

-   Bayshore Country Feeds Ltd, Owen Sound

-   Maxwell Farm Services, Maxwell

-   Peavy Mart, Walkterton

-   Earth Power Tractors and Equipment, Stayner


Whether you're looking to purchase equipment or cleaning the barn to get ready to sell your farm, you might make use of an auction.  From farm equipment and tools to heavy-duty machinery and estate sales, you'll be able to find a steal of a deal either online or in-person! If you're looking for an appraisal on your current item, most auctions also provide that service. See the list below to check out a few of the auctions in the Grey Bruce region:

-   Metcalfe Auctions, Mildmay

-   Sure-Bid Auction Services, Hepworth

-   Bailey Auctions, Hanover

-   6&6 Auctions, West Gray

Urban Centers

Owen Sound

Owen Sound is located in the northern area of Southwestern Ontario in the Bruce-Grey region. It borders on both the Pottawatomi and Sydenham rivers in Georgian Bay and has a population of over 31,000.


Hanover is located in the southwestern region of Grey County and borders Bruce County, with a population of 7,650.


The Saugeen Shores

The Saugeen Shores includes the towns Southampton and Port Elgin, along with the township of Saugeen. It is located on Lake Huron, with a population of over 13,000.


The South Bruce Peninsula

The South Bruce Peninsula is located at the base of the Bruce Peninsula, on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, and has a population of over 8,000.

Transportation & Logistics


The GTR Shuttle from Driver Seat connects Owen Sound, Orangeville, Blue Mountains, Wiarton, Flesherton, and Walkerton in the Grey Bruce area. The GTR Shuttle is a reliable, shared transportation option with rates ranging from $2.50 to $5.00.


-   High speed internet

-   Georgian College

-   Regional Hospital

-   Proximity to GTA

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Farm Land West Grey Ontario

The farming industry in the Grey Bruce region has been growing steadily. In 2016, the Bruce Region reported revenues of $476.36 million. Grey County reported $463.676 million in revenue in that same year. Grey Bruce farming focuses primarily on livestock, with cattle and calves being the most common. In 2016, Bruce County reported 701 cattle farms, 129 dairy farms, 49 poultry and egg, and 43 hog farms. Cash crops have had a significant increase in popularity in the region, with 481 farms. With the rise of apple and grape growing in Meaford and the Blue Mountains, fruit and vegetable farms account for 32 farms. Miscellaneous, specialty, and combination farms make up the remaining 360 farms.

BRUCE: Albermarle; Amabel; Arran; Brant; Bruce; Carrick; Culross; Eastnor; Elderslie; Greenock; Huron; Kincardine; Kinloss; Lindsay; Saugeen; St. Edmunds.

GREY: Artemesia; Bentinck; Collingwood; Derby; Egremont; Euphrasia; Grenelg; Holland; Keppel; Normanby; Osprey; Proton; Sullivan; Sydenham; St. Vincent.

The most notable farming associations in the Grey Bruce region are the Grey County Federation of Agriculture and the Bruce County Federation of Agriculture, representing 1,450 and 1,455 farming families respectfully. The organizations' goals are to achieve better income for farming families, formulate and promote county, provincial, national and international agricultural policies, and encourage and support cooperative enterprise in the region. 

Grey AG Services

Another great resource is Grey Ag Services. Located in Markdale, they support farmers in the Grey Bruce region by providing courses, webinars, resources, and publications. They also offer events to connect farmers.

Bruce Grey Farmers' Week

Additional supports include the annual Bruce Grey Farmer's Week, hosted by Grey AG Services. This event is an opportunity to connect farmers with speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and supporters, focusing each day on one specific area of farming. Whether it's Beef Day, Crops Day, or Ecological Day, there's so much to learn during Bruce Grey Farmer's Week!

Conservation is a top priority for the regional associations and provincial government. The Grey Sauble Conservation Authority advocates for protecting the needs of a healthy watershed environment. This conservation work is necessary to balance the needs of our society while also securing a future for the farming industry in the Grey Bruce region. In addition, Saugeen Valley Conservation has launched their Agricultural Outreach Program, which provides workshops and demonstrations to farmers regarding cover crops. The goal is to "conserve soil, enhance pollinator health and improve nutrient retention" for farmers. 


The soil types found in the Grey Bruce region are primarily various types of limestone, till, sand and gravel, and lacustrine.

Since most of the Grey Bruce region has been traditionally used as farmland, the soils in this region likely haven't been as affected by contamination as others in Ontario. This means more great earth for Grey Bruce farming to continue to prosper.


The weather in the Grey Bruce region is comfortable. Summers are generally partly cloudy and windy, and Winters overcast. The temperature can range from –18°C to over 29°C. The area receives up to 1000 m of rain annually in some locations. 

Water & Air

There is plenty of access to freshwater for Grey Bruce residents and farmers from both Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The many rivers, wetlands, and watersheds allow the land and agriculture to prosper and grow. The surface water from the 34 watersheds has been highly rated (A or B) from the Grey Sauble Watershed Report Card of 2013. While 32% of residents use a private water supply, such as a well, the remainder receives their drinking water from the Municipal Drinking Water System, or SDWS. 

Concerning smog, the Grey Bruce region consistently reports relatively good air quality.

Animals & Insects

Rich in natural resources, the Grey Bruce region is home to many common and less common animals and insects. You'll find common species such as white-tailed deer, raccoons, and eagles. Rarer species like black bears, foxes, and flying squirrels are also present. The region is also home to insects such as mosquitos, carpenter ants, wasps, and hornets. Fishing is also prominent in the area for recreation as well as employment.

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