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Are you searching for Sudbury Algoma Farms For Sale?  The Sudbury Algoma region refers to the area in Northeastern Ontario that encompasses Greater Sudbury, Algoma District, Sault Ste. Marie, and the Townships of Verner, Warren, Elliot Lake, Blind River, and Walden.  

The region's land is abundant in farms, agricultural land, tourist attractions, and big and small communities. The local produce and populated urban centres have created ample opportunities for farmers to market their products. It's common to see local artisans, farmers, and food vendors working together and in unison, encouraging the growth of their community and each other. Many farms have formed partnerships with local restaurants and are featured and highlighted on their menus.

Agriculture federations and conservation groups are helping grow and protect the agriculture industry alongside the environment. The region is constantly investing in farming by providing educational materials and funding, as well as assisting farmers in finding available land and places to sell products.

The comfortable summer temperatures and shallow soil make it perfect for various crops, vegetables, fruits, berries (including strawberries), apples, sweet corn, and potatoes. And the variety of rain and snow throughout the year means there are ample growth opportunities. 

Surrounded by water, the region is home to Ramsey Lake and borders Lake Huron and Lake Superior.

Sudbury Algoma shares a shoreline with the United States, particularly the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is also home to Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world! 

The Sudbury Algoma region has something for everyone, full of tourist attractions, destinations, local hidden gems, farms, universities, and more!

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Local Resources in Sudbury Algoma

Farmers Markets

Local farmers’ markets are a great way to sell your produce and farm products direct to consumers.   The Sudbury Algoma region is plentiful with opportunities to get fresh food and produce. Due to the numerous urban centres and flourishing cattle and agriculture industry, there are many farm-to-table restaurants, interactive farms, and farmers' markets to choose from! 

Sudbury Market is Greater Sudbury's flagship farmers' market, which many farmers, artisans, craftspeople, food vendors, and locals call home.

If you're craving a taste of what the local flora and fauna have to offer, White Owl Bistro in North Bay is worth checking out. With a live band, patio, and a menu featuring the farms where the ingredients were grown. You'll know exactly where your food is coming from! See below for a list of some of the more popular farmers' markets in the area:

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

There are multiple veterinary clinics and hospitals located throughout the Sudbury Algoma region. Wherever you're located in the region, rest easy knowing that your animals will be close to first-rate care, no matter the concern. See below for a list of some of the larger veterinary clinics and hospitals in the area:

Agriculture Supply Shops

Whether you own a horse farm or a commercial dairy operation, you’ll need supplies!  From feed and landscaping to heavy-duty farm equipment, tools, and service, the supply shops in the Sudbury Algoma region will be able to handle any of your needs. See below for a list of some great local supply shops to help get you started:


Just Purchased a Hobby Farm?  Cleaning the barn and preparing to sell your farm?  Are you in the market for tools, vehicles, heavy-duty machinery, specialized equipment, storage lockers, or home supplies? You'll feel right at home at the local auctions and estate sales. You'll be able to find a great selection and deals online or in person! See below for a list of some of the most reputable and active auctions in the area

Urban Centers

Greater Sudbury

Greater Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario by population, boasting a population of over 160,000 people. Greater Sudbury is the largest city in Ontario and the fifth largest in Canada by total land area. 

Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is known as Northern Ontario's "best-kept secret" by the over 13,000 locals that call it home. Manitoulin Island is located inside Lake Huron, making it the largest freshwater island in the world!

Sault Ste. Marie 

With a population of over 73,000, Sault Ste. Marie is Algoma's most prominent urban community. 

North Bay

Finding the balance between the great outdoors and the modern city. With modern facilities and services enjoyed by larger cities, North Bay has over 51,000 people. 


With over 41,000 people, Timmins is the fourth largest city in Northeastern Ontario.

Transportation & Logistics

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While the Sudbury Algoma region and its 3857 hectares of pastured land may be famous for their beef cattle, the soil and land in the area support a diverse and wide range of field crops. You can find fruits, berries, greenhouse production, and even mushrooms and syrup! The area supports field crops such as grains, oilseeds, potatoes, and various vegetables, and fruit production includes apples, pears, raspberries, and strawberries. 

Beef cattle aren't the only type of livestock you'll find in this region. The region is also home to dairy cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, poultry and eggs, and even beekeeping. There are also ample opportunities for fishing and wild game hunting throughout the region.

The Algoma Federation of Agriculture represents over 500 farms across the Sudbury Algoma region. They act as ambassadors of the local agriculture community and advocate for both farmers and their families. They are often spearheading initiatives that will directly benefit their local communities. They're just one of 51 unique county regional federations that are run for farmers by farmers. The federations are part of the larger Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), a grassroots, farmer-led organization responsible for many innovations, initiatives, and funding in the Ontario agriculture community.

Crop Up North is an organization that encourages new farmers to farm in Northeastern Ontario with their online community and services. Their services include finding available land ripe and ready for farming, finding a market for products, and finding local food organizations. Crop Up North has everything you need to help you get settled and farming for the smaller, ecological farmers out there.

Large bodies of running water surround the Sudbury Algoma region, so the conservation of the environment is paramount for the future of the farmers and their families.

Conservation Sudbury is one of Ontario's 36 community-run watershed stewardship agencies. They ensure that the 9,150 square kilometres of land surrounding Greater Sudbury are protected as best as possible. They specialize in flood control, hazard land management, drinking water source protection, watershed stewardship, environmental education, and more. Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority handles similar efforts in the area surrounding Algoma District. 


The soil found in the Sudbury Algoma region has typically been used for agriculture and farming, making it free from contaminants and byproducts from other industries. The soils found in the area are generally shallow, stony podzols as well as occasionally exposed bedrock. 

It's typical to grow various fruits and vegetables in the region, including apples, pears, sweet corn, squash, beans, and more.


In the Sudbury Algoma region, you can expect mild and comfortable summers, but be prepared for cold winters. Summer temperatures are 19 °C on average, rarely going over 25 °C. The average temperature in the winter is -7 °C, and it rarely gets colder than -16 °C.  

The average rainfall for the area ranges from 6 mm to 73 mm month over month, and the average snowfall can reach up to 222 mm monthly. 

The growing season is typically 4.8 months, from April 22 - October 21. 

The longest day of the year typically has around 15 hours, 49 minutes of daylight. In comparison, the shortest days usually have about 8 hours, 35 minutes of daylight.

Water & Air

The Sudbury Algoma region is surrounded by water: Lake Superior to the West and Lake Huron to the South and such rivers as the Montreal River, Blind River, and Spanish River nearby. 

The water supply is regularly tested by inspectors from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and has consistently met all government and safety regulations. 

The Sudbury Algoma region's air quality is good.

Animals & Insects

In the Sudbury Algoma region, wildlife includes moose, lynx, beavers, otters, wolves, owls, hummingbirds, and various songbirds. Common mosquitos and black flies are known in the area, but that only speaks to the health of the area's ecosystem. These and other insects become nourishment for the many different wildlife of the area.

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