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Searching for Huron Perth farms for sale?  The Huron Perth Farming Region comprises two counties, Huron and Perth, in the Southwestern part of Ontario.  Huron County, located on the southeast shore of Lake Huron, is roughly 3,397 km2.  Perth County, located adjacent to Huron County in the center of Southwestern Ontario, takes up 2,177 km2.  The climate throughout the region is very mild compared to others in Ontario due to Lake Huron's ability to moderate the temperature of the surrounding land. The Huron Perth Region hosts some of the most beautiful cities in Canada, including Goderich and Stratford, as it stretches along the scenic coastline of Lake Huron.

There are many opportunities available throughout the region for current farming categories. The region also provides opportunities for new specialties. With accessibility to Stratford and the GTA, a large labour force is available throughout neighbouring counties and districts while also hosting great support for future farmers. Between the balance of rural living and proximity to all that urban centres have to offer, you'll fall in love with the Huron Perth region!

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Local Farming Resources in Huron Perth

Farmers Markets

Utilizing a local farmers' market to sell your farm items can be an excellent resource.  Many of the farmer's markets in the region are seasonal, with some offering online pick-up in the off-season months. There are several occasions where consumers and farmers can connect directly throughout the Huron Perth region; nonetheless, see the below list for a few notable farmers' markets:



-   Wellesley Farmers’ Market, Wellesley

-   Perth Farmers’ Market, Perth

-   St. Mary’s Farmers’ Market, St. Marys

-   BIA Farmers’ Market, Goderich

-   Grand Bend Village Farmers’ Market, Grand Bend

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

Veterinary clinics and hospitals are available throughout the Huron Perth region for smaller and larger animals so that you and your farm will be in good hands in a time of need! See below for a list of the larger veterinary clinics and hospitals in the Huron Perth area:


-   Perth Veterinary Services, Stratford

-   Pauly Veterinary Clinic, Milverton

-   Seaforth Animal Hospital, Seaforth

-   Heartland Animal Hospital and Veterinary Services, Listowel

Agriculture Supply Shops

Whether you own a Hobby Farm or a larger operation, you'll need supplies!  There is a variety of agriculture supply shops throughout the Huron Perth region that will be able to take care of your farm's needs. Whether you're looking for feed, tools, service, or farm equipment, you'll be able to find it in the Huron Perth region:


-   Argis 2000 Ltd, Listowel

-   Huron Bay Co-Operative Inc., Auburn

-   Huron Tractor, Exeter

-   The Split Rail Country Store, Stratford

-   Hoegy’s Farm Supply Ltd, Brodhagen


If you're looking to add new equipment or just trying to clean your barn to get ready to put your farm up for sale, you'll want to find a good local auction!  Many auction services are available in the Huron Perth region, ranging from heavy-duty machinery, estate sales, home supplies, farm equipment, and tools or vehicles. You'll have a variety of resources for a great find and deal, either online or in-person. If you need an appraisal, most auctions happily provide this service as well. See the list below to check out a few of the auctions in the Huron Perth region:


-   Maitland Auctions, Wingham

-   Jacob Auctions Ltd., Mitchell

-   Carson David Farms & Auctions Services, Listowel

-   Gray’s Auction Services, Harriston

Urban Centers


Located on the Avon River, Stratford ranks third best city to live in Ontario and twelfth in Canada overall, per MacLean's Magazine. It has a population of over 31,000.


Known as the "prettiest town in Canada" by Queen Elizabeth herself, Goderich is located on the shore of Lake Huron with over 7,500 residents.

Transportation & Logistics


  • 235 km from Goderich to Toronto and 150 km from Stratford to Toronto
  • PC Connect is available to connect Perth County (namely Stratford, St Marys, Kitchener-Waterloo, and London) via intercommunity bus service.
  • Huron Shores Area Transit connects Huron County and beyond for fares ranging from $5 to $20 for transit between Bluewater, Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Lambton Shores, North Middlesex & South Huron.
  • VIA Rail in Stratford connects the region to the rest of Canada.



  • High-speed internet
  • Regional Hospitals
  • Stratford Municipal Airport
  • Proximity to GTA



-   High speed internet

-   Regional Hospitals

-   Stratford Municipal Airport

-   Proximity to GTA

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Farm Land West Grey Ontario

Agriculture is the most common industry in the Huron Perth region. With over 5,318 farms and nearly 500,000 hectares of farmland, the region currently produces oilseed, grains, livestock, dairy, cash crop, fruits, and vegetables.

There is a tremendous opportunity to branch out into new agricultural specialty products due to the climate, soil, and location. Abattoir, hazelnut, hemp, maple syrup production, and vineyards would be compatible. The region provides resources to farmers looking to pursue any of the above categories.

Although the quantity of farms has decreased since 1961, there is an increase in the size of farm operations and revenue for the industry. This change shows that although there are fewer farms, those still operating are operating successfully and more efficiently.

The most prominent farming associations in the Huron Perth region are the Perth County Federation of Agriculture (PCFA) and the Huron County Federation of Agriculture (HCFA). These associations represent 2,428 and 2,000 farm families and work with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

The PCFA has been representing farmers for more than 75 years and works to facilitate the unique needs of farmers in the area to continue improving the industry. Additionally, they host a Harvest Gala and Canada's Agriculture Day annually.

The HCFA takes on an advocacy role for 2,000 farm families. It recognizes that the region is the "most agriculturally productive county in Ontario." The organization continues to foster a profitable and sustainable agricultural industry while empowering farmers with valuable resources.

Additionally, the Huron Perth Junior Farmers facilitates connections in the agricultural community. It contributes to community betterment projects to foster leadership skills for members aged 15 – 29 years old.

Both Huron and Perth County have a strong focus on conservation to preserve the region for future generations by protecting water, soil, forest, and wildlife. Huron Clean Water Project (HCWP) has provided financial and technical support to improve and protect water in rivers, creeks, and Lake Huron. Additionally, they've worked on facilitating resources for farmers to get the most out of their soil this year and for years to come. Past projects have already totalled $13.1 million, and they won't be stopping their efforts any time soon. A significant focus of their action centers on providing resources regarding crop cover and its ability to build soil health and reduce water run-off and, in turn, erosion.


The Huron Perth region has a variety of mineral deposits, including till, glaciofluvial, limestone, and lacustrine. Because the soil has historically been used for agriculture, there is a low risk of contamination. Nonetheless, preservation of the nutrients in the soil and soil health is an essential factor in the region's conservation grounds to continue prospering in the agricultural industry. Many efforts encourage farmers to use cover crops to restore and preserve the soil's nutrients for future use.


The weather in the Huron Perth region is comfortably mild, with winter temperatures averaging between -10°C to -14°C, and summer temperatures averaging around 25 - 26°C. This temperature regulation is in big part due to Lake Huron's moderating impact on the surrounding land. Average rainfall for the area ranges between 11 mm to 66 mm per month, with an average snowfall of 233 mm in December. The longest days have 15 hours and 26 minutes of sunshine, with the shortest days welcoming 8 hours and 56 minutes of sun in the winter. The growing season is estimated to be roughly five months, from May 5 – October 13 annually.

Water & Air

There is plenty of access to freshwater for Huron Perth residents and farmers since it borders Lake Huron. Many rivers, such as The Grand River, are accessible to residents. Further, several wetlands and watersheds in the area allow the land and agriculture to prosper and grow. Private wells are the most prominent water source for residents, with municipal wells available in larger urban centres. The air quality throughout the regions remains consistently good.

Animals & Insects

Common wildlife in the area includes deer, ducks, birds, and wild turkeys. Additionally, the wetlands offer a natural habitat for over 200 rare species, including migratory birds. Along Lake Huron, various fish can be found, including trout, chinook, and coho salmon. Carpenter ants, rodents, box elder beetles, and squirrels also call the region home. There has been an increase in cougar sightings in the last few years, namely around hunting season.

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