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Considering farms for sale in Oxford Brant? The Oxford region covers 2,040 km2 in Southwestern Ontario, with a population of nearly 111,000. The highway 401 runs east-west through the county. With Lake Erie and Lake Ontario nearby, the region is entirely landlocked. It has a long history of agriculture, with the town of Tillsonburg previously known as one the largest centres for tobacco production. 

The Brant County spans 843 km2 and is located southwest of Hamilton, with the city of Brantford situated in the middle of the county. The soil quality is relatively prosperous and has previously provided a fertile agricultural sector, with 77% considered prime for agriculture. 

There are various opportunities for farmers to become successful in this area by developing new revenue streams, thanks to the expansion of agri-tourism. Additionally, new markets have opened to sell additional products from farms, allowing for more economic opportunities. The regions both support and facilitate shop local initiatives, making it even easier to connect businesses directly to consumers. With proximity to larger cities and suburbs, there's an opportunity for employers to utilize larger markets for hired staff. 

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Local Resources in Oxford Brant

Farmers Markets

The Oxford Brant area has worked diligently to provide a platform for farmers and small businesses to sell their products and for residents to purchase fresh local options. Farmarket is an online farmers' market with a large variety of farmers and small businesses showcasing and selling their goods. Stores include bakeries, fruits and vegetables, bread, and many more! Oxford Fresh is a directory and map of the Oxford region that shares farms, food, and local fairs in the area. There is truly something for everyone to discover locally! When consumers buy locally, the funds stay within the region, which is a huge motivation. Check out the previous link to see every farm to table connection you can utilize, as well as additional examples of year-round and seasonal farmers' markets below:

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

There are ample resources for veterinary care, including clinics and hospitals throughout the Oxford Brant region. Whether you have big or small animals, you and your farm will be well taken care of with years of expertise in your area! See below for a list of the larger veterinary clinics and hospitals in the area:  

Agriculture Supply Shops

The Oxford Brant region has access to more extensive city amenities, as well as small but mighty businesses to set your farm up for success! Whether you're looking for feed suppliers, tools, heavy-duty farm equipment, or service, you'll find it here. See below for a few great shops to get you started:


There are a variety of auction services available in the Oxford Brant region. Whether you're looking for online or in-person services, you can find heavy-duty machinery, estate sales, home supplies, farm equipment, tools, and vehicles. If you require an appraisal, these services are also provided by most auctions. See the list below to check out a few of the auctions in the Oxford Brant region:


Urban Centers


Tillsonburg is located southeast of London, Ontario, and spans an area of 22 km2 with a population of 15,872. 


Located on the Grand River, Brantford has a population of over 100,000. Brantford is known as the "Telephone City" as an ode to the inventor of the first telephone, Alexander Bell, who lived in the city at the time.

Transportation & Logistics


  • Brant Transit
    • A fleet of vans to facilitate ride shares for Brant County residents
  • Brantford Transit
    • Public transit system for Brantford
  • Go Green Transit System 
    • Public transit throughout Woodstock
  • Brantford to Toronto – 105 km
  • Brantford to Hamilton – 40 km
  • Tillsonburg to Toronto – 174 km


  • Proximity to GTA and Toronto
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Farm Land West Grey Ontario

There are 444,142 acres of farmland and 1876 farms in the Oxford region, with 68% privately owned and 28% rented. Roughly 87% of the land is used to grow crops, with corn production making up nearly half. Additionally, oilseed and grain, dairy cattle and milk, beef cattle ranching, as well as hog, poultry, and eggs are produced in the area. There is also vegetable and melon production in smaller percentages. With an average valuation of $485,490 in 2016, Oxford County farms are the third-highest-grossing per farm in Ontario. 

Brant County grows primarily land-in crops, mainly corn for grain, soybeans, winter wheat, and hay, as well as livestock, especially hens and chickens. Additionally, the region has turned to producing other products and diversifying the agriculture industry. These include making maple syrup, cheese, hosting on-farm markets, and wineries and breweries with tasting rooms. This diversity allows for additional revenue streams that farmers and business owners can tap into to make the most of the land they work with.  

The Oxford County Federation of Agriculture supports farm families throughout the region by providing a platform full of resources. Such resources include: Feeding Your Future which connects employers to job seekers in the agriculture field; Six by Sixteen, which is a food literacy site for kids to learn the importance of healthy eating habits; Farm and Food Care Ontario, which is a non-profit designed to create trust in the agriculture sector. Additionally, the organization awards scholarships through the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. It provides recognition awards in excellence through the Agricultural Hall of Fame Award. 

The Brant County Federation of Agriculture represents local farmers' voices, concerns, and opinions to improve agriculture throughout the region while providing a community to connect and learn together. 

Conservation in the Oxford Brant region covers a wide variety of preservation projects. Oxford County manages nine forests and has planted over 15,000 trees in the past three years to support reforestation to support the natural habitat and species that currently live there. They work with steward groups, local landowners, and conservation authorities. The Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District offers workshops to educate landowners on erosion control to support the agricultural sector better. 


There are several conservation areas and authorities throughout the area, including the Brant Conservation Area and Tillsonburg Conservation Area. 


The soil in the Oxford region consists of till, clay, kame, esker, lacustrine, deltaic, and outwash. The Brant area soil is made up of clay till, lacustrine, sand, gravel, and lacustrine silt loam. The soil in both regions is considered good, with 70% of the land being considered prime for agriculture. Since agriculture has been the primary industry in this region, there is little contamination from other sectors. Nonetheless, the land needs to be protected and preserved for future use.  


The weather in the Oxford Brant region is relatively mild, with winter temperatures averaging around -10°C, rarely getting colder than -19°C. Summer temperatures average approximately 27°C, rarely surpassing 31°C. The average rainfall for the area ranges between 12 mm to 56 mm month over month, with an average snowfall of 107 mm in January. The longest days have roughly 15 hours and 27 minutes of sunshine, with the shortest days having just 8 hours and 55 minutes of daylight in the winter. 


There are roughly 5.8 months of the growing season from April 25 – October 18 annually. 

Water & Air

The water in the Brant area is considered hard, with a reported 306 – 684 mg/litre measured as CaCo3. The water in the Oxford area has been tested, and 15 of the 17 water systems were given the highest grade. Both regions consist of municipal water systems, as well as private wells to service the areas. 


The air quality in the Oxford Brant region is reported as good. 

Animals & Insects

The Oxford area is home to 30 endangered species that are monitored through the Ingersoll District Nature Club. Some of these species include endangered birds, bees, fish, badgers, turtles, and more. Wildlife to watch out for in the Brant area includes coyotes, which can be a danger to wildlife and pets. The regions provide resources and support for negative encounters with wildlife.

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