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Considering farms for sale in Hastings & Prince Edward? Hastings & Prince Edward Region has a long-standing agricultural history that dates back to the 1880s, yet there are still considerable opportunities for new farmers and agricultural producers in the region, especially those with fresh markets and direct-to-consumer options. Agriculture continues to be a staple in the region, while finding new revenue sources, such as seasonal boxes and agri-tourism, is a new priority for engaging residents and visitors. 

Hastings County is located on the Eastern and Central Ontario border, between Kingston and Peterborough and has a population of over 136,000. With shoreline on Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte, it spans an area of 5,291 km2 to Algonquin Park. 

Prince Edward County is surrounded by Lake Ontario, which crosses over 1,050 km2. It is home to a variety of wineries and small-scale farms, and traditional large-scale farms, with a total population of nearly 25,000.

Both counties have prioritized farming by offering grants and programs for landowners to continue growing and maintaining the area's agriculture sector. Additionally, conservation and sustainability are significant priorities for the area. There are several protected areas that focus on preserving the ecosystems and habitats of the various species that call the region home. The physical locations of both regions allow for great economic opportunity while offering unique, natural landscapes. Residents get the best of small-town living, with larger city amenities and markets nearby. 

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Local Resources in Hastings & Prince Edward

Farmers Markets

There is an enormous push for local, fresh produce and agricultural production within the Hastings and Prince Edward area. Harvest Hastings has been one resource connecting producers with consumers since 2008. With proximity to Toronto and the GTA, many farmers are tapping into new markets as additional revenue opportunities, with 220 Hastings Community farms selling directly to consumers, 198 selling from their farms, and 39 selling their products in farmers' markets. Additionally, Prince Edward has become a food and drink hot spot, with chefs collaborating with local agriculture producers to create unique menus focusing on in-season produce. Check out the farmers' markets in the area for some examples of year-round and seasonal farmers' markets below:

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

There are many veterinary clinics, hospitals, and supports throughout the Hastings and Prince Edward region for routine concerns and emergency care. Whether you have big or small animals, you and your farm will be well taken care of with years of expertise in your area! See below for a list of the larger veterinary clinics and hospitals in the area:

Agriculture Supply Shops

Whether you're looking for feed suppliers, tools, heavy-duty farm equipment, or general service, you'll find it in the Hastings and Prince Edward Region. See below for a few great shops to set your farm up for success:



There are various auction and appraisal services throughout the Hastings and Prince Edward region that offer both online and in-person services. Whether you're looking for heavy-duty machinery, estate sales, home supplies, farm equipment, tools, or vehicles, you'll be able to find a good deal on what you need. If you require an appraisal, most auctions also provide these services. See the list below to check out a few of the auctions in the area:

Urban Centers


Located on the eastern end of Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte, Belleville has a population of over 50,000. 

Quinte West

Quinte West is located on the western end of Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte and has a population of nearly 44,000.

Transportation & Logistics


  • Quinte Transit
    • Bus transit system between Quinte West and Trenton Ward
  • County Transit
    • Bus transit system between Belleville and Trenton to Picton
  • Belleville to Toronto – 189 km
  • Quinte West to Toronto – 174 km


  • Proximity to GTA and Toronto
  • Internet 
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Hastings Prince Edward Farming
Farm Land West Grey Ontario

There is a solid agricultural history throughout the region, as Hastings County was previously a prominent center for cheese production. Geographically, Hastings is the second-largest county in Ontario. There are 974 farms in the area, primarily beef and small livestock, and some fruit and vegetable producers and small-scale farms. Additionally, farms have been successfully adapting by adding corn, dairy, poultry, soybean, and hogs to their farm. There are many entrepreneurial opportunities available for farmers by collaborating with others in the industry and building community assets and agricultural products. 

Agriculture is also the prominent sector in Prince Edward County, with 56%, or 146,000 acres, of its area dedicated farmland. In the mid-1880s, agriculture was incredibly successful and was coined the "Barley Days." This was a time when farmers in the region supplied the American brewery industry. Now, fruits, vegetables, livestock, and dairy farms are prevalent throughout the region, increasing grape production and over 30 wineries to explore. Smaller-scale farms are also more prevalent in the county, with 40% of farms spanning 10 – 129 acres. The agricultural sector is responsible for 1,060 jobs.

The Hastings Federation of Agriculture represents the interests of 600 farming families within the region. They provide a network for agricultural producers and have a history of donating to charitable organizations, such as the Food for Learning program. Similarly, the Prince Edward Federation of Agriculture represents farm families while also contributing to their local food bank. 

The County of Prince Edward also has financial grants accessible to new farmers in the region, focusing on those whose increasing property taxes have negatively impacted.


The Hastings and Prince Edward region has numerous conservation areas and initiatives due to the number of watersheds in the region. Quinte Conservation provides landowner resources, water protection, as well as initiatives like Adopt an Acre to educate and foster sustainability. The Little Bluff Conservation Area is a beautiful, rugged landscape that also works to protect wetland where various waterfowl live. Additionally, the Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust has worked with landowners throughout both regions since 1998 to monitor and protect land and natural resources through research and public education.  


The soil in the Prince Edward region is made up of fine to medium-grained calcium limestone, till, outwash, lacustrine, organic, and glacial-fluvial. This soil composition is excellent for growing small grains, hay, alfalfa, canning crops, and orchards. Part of the region's forested area has been previously cleared, and this soil is ideal for dairy and livestock farming. Additionally, the Hastings area is made up of lacustrine clay, loam, organic, and stony till. This soil composition is ideal for grazing, general agriculture, fruit, and vegetable production. 



The weather in the Hastings and Prince Edward region is relatively mild, with winter temperatures averaging around -11°C, rarely getting colder than -22°C. Summer temperatures average approximately 26°C, rarely surpassing 30°C. The average rainfall for the area ranges between 14 mm to 61 mm month over month, with an average snowfall of 145 mm in December. The longest days have roughly 15 hours and 31 minutes of sunshine. The shortest days welcome 8 hours and 52 minutes of daylight in the winter. 

There are an estimated 5.5 months of the growing season from April 27 to October 12 annually.

Water & Air

There are many sources of water accessible to the Hastings and Prince Edward counties, with various rivers and lakes available, as well as bordering on Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte. It is tested often, with a rating of 99.49%. Water is either supplied by the municipalities or through private wells. 

The air quality in the Hastings and Prince Edward region is reported as excellent and good, respectively.

Animals & Insects

Wildlife found within the Hastings and Prince Edward region includes various animals throughout the more than 33 conservation areas in the Bay of Quinte alone. Birds like mallards, black ducks, geese, and doves frequent this area. Additionally, the region is home to turtles, snakes, tree frogs, and white-tailed deer. Fish found within the area include pickerel, perch, salmon, lake trout, pike, and bass. Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and moths are also found in the area, along with mosquitoes and ticks.

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